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QUESTION: Mr. Horrell:

My father was a Master Sargent in the 19th Ordnance Depot Company during WW2.  I have his discharge paper that was issued on 26 Oct 1945.  I also have his Enlisted Record and Report of Separation, but unfortunately it is a rather poor copy that I received from the National Personnel Records Center (the original was burned in the 1973 fire in St. Louis).  From that I learned his rate of pay, and the battles and campaigns he was in.  I also learned that his military specialty was Chief Storekeeper Railway 769.  I was wondering what that meant and what a person in that position actually did.

I also have several photos taken while he was in the Army including one that was of my father and another soldier in from of what appears to be some barracks.  On the back it has a circular stamp that says "Passed for Personal Use Only", "Not for Publication", the date 3 Sep 1943, "Theater OEN8OR E.T.O.U.S.A.  The letters after Theatre are a little smudged, so those may not be the actual letters.  Any information on what all that means?

I also have a photo of my father that he wrote on the back "In Belgium Feb 5, 1945."  From an earlier answer, I found your timeline for this company very interesting, the date on my Belgium photo fits your timeline.

From the paperwork I received I know he arrived in Scotland on 12 Jan 1943 and departed for the USA on 14 September 1945.  What I am seeking are more details on the movements of this company between those dates, and I was wondering if you ever received the more detailed timeline from Lynn.

Thank you for any further information you can provide.

ANSWER: Dear Steve,
         CHIEF STOREKEEPER, RAILWAY (769) assists warehouse officer in supervising receipt, inspection, storage, and issue of supplies and equipment at a military railway installation. Controls the assignment of space and the storage of supplies and equipment in accordance with floor plans. Supervises selection, packing, crating, and marking of supplies, and expedites incoming and outgoing shipments. Supervises inventories and requisitions supplies and equipment necessary to maintain stock levels. Maintains files and records incident to warehouse operation. Must be familiar with warehouse methods including use of warehouse mechanical equipment such as cranes and pulleys. Should have knowledge of nomenclature of military railway supplies and equipment. Must be able to supervise warehouse foremen, warehousemen, and laborers.

769 is the U.S. Army MOS or Military Occupational Specialty.

May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Harry C Nicely in Belgium
Harry C Nicely in Belg  

Harry C Nicely at unknown location
Harry C Nicely at unkn  
QUESTION: My father, Harry C Nicely, served in the 195th Ordnance Depot Company during World War 2.  From what I learned from him as well as the Enlisted Record and Report of Separation that after basic training at Fort Jackson, SC he departed for Scotland on 6 January 1943 arriving on 12 January 1943.  He returned to the United States aboard the HMT Queen Mary leaving on 14 September 1945 and arriving in New York on 20 September 1945.

On the Enlisted Record I learned that his battles and campaigns included Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe.  I have photos of him in front of some barracks with 3 September 1943 stamped on the back, in Belgium (taken February 5, 1943) and in front of the Eiffel Tower.  I also possess a porcelain cask in a cradle with six cups that he told me he “liberated” from an unoccupied German house.  

Is there any way to know more details (places, dates, etc.)on the movements of his unit while they were overseas?

Dear Steve,
         You can contact the U.S. National Archives at and ask for the Modern Military History Section and they will handle any request in regard to U.S. military units in World War II-their formation, training, movement to the theater of operations, combat operations involved, unit citations and decorations, departure from the combat zone, and its deactivation. May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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