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Mr. Sutton,
My aunt's husband was KIA in Europe April 2, 1945. He was in 54th Armored Infantry of the 10th Armored. The family has always believed he died as part of the raid to find General Patton's son-in-law, but we have no proof of that. I have also read that there was intense fighting elsewhere on April 1 and 2. I found your site on military history and thought I would write you to see if you can help determine where he might have served and where he would have died.
Thank you.

The units involved in the Task Force Baum the rescue mission were part of the 4th Armored division under General Abrams.  This is a breakdown of those units

•   Company A, 10th Armored Infantry Battalion (Capt. Robert F. Lange) – 4 officers and 169 men mounted in 15 M3A1 half-tracks
•   Company C, 37th Tank Battalion (1st Lt. William J. Nutto) – 3 officers and 56 men mounted in 10 M4A3, M4A3E2, and M4A1 medium tanks, and 4 support vehicles
•   3rd Platoon, Company D, 37th Tank Battalion (2nd Lt. William G. Weaver, Jr.) – 1 officer and 18 men mounted in 5 M5A1 light tanks
•   Command & Support Element, 10th Armored Infantry Battalion – 3 officers and 60 men mounted in one light tank, 12 half-tracks, and 10 other vehicles
According to my research the 54th was not in on the raid.

The Germans were a stubborn enemy and there was indeed heavy fighting in April 1945.  I have not found the location of your Aunt’s Husband.  I have found some tools that may aid in your research.
The first one below is an after-action report for the 54th that may be helpful.
Also your aunt and request her husband’s records in some of the below links.
Last but not least is a great place to check.

I hope this helps and thank you.  

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