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Hi: I have a brass military shell and wanted to know more about it and were it may have come from..
On the base of it, it has the following markings:

Lot 487
The british crows foot with 27 below it

Would you know the dimensions of the round that would have been in it or where I could get the measurements as I would like to get a wooden round made to put into it.

Many Thanks



It looks to be from a Six pounder anti-tank gun. The equivalent to the 57mm American anti-tank gun.  The 7CWT was part of the official designation of the gun: 6lb 7 CWT it designates the weight of the barrel and breech, or hundredweight = 112lbs so 7 x 112 = 784 lbs.

The I could designate Armor Piercing AP Mk I the first version it went up to Mk 7

It was introduced in 1942 as a replacement for the 2 lber AT gun.

The  Lot number is the lot of the ammunition from the factory.

RM/C might be the inspectors mark. or Factory.  They went by ROF Royal Ordnance Factory not RM/C.

Looking up the Crows Foot throws things into

The Crows foot is the property mark of the Royal Navy.

So looking up the 6lb gun, they did have one. But their version was obsolete after WWI.

So it may be the case was manufactured at a Navy factory or the Army used the mark too, but I cannot find reference to that.

I still think it was from an AT gun, with an anachronistic stamp of Navy ownership, could be a recycled cartridge case.  

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