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I am trying to find information about my father in law.  He served in WWII and was wounded.  He received the Purple Heart but Box 34 on his separation papers is blank.  Unfortunately, he gave the Medal to his grandson who lost it.  We have all his other medals and ribbons which include the ribbon for the Purple Heart.  I contacted the National Archives and his records were destroyed in the 1973 fire.  My father in law has passed away and in order to place the Purple Heart Plaque on his headstone we must have proof that he received it.  I'm just not sure where else to look for this information. If you have any suggestions, I would be so grateful.
Thank you in advance for your help and knowledge.
Michele L
Jackson, WI

Dear Ms.,
       May I extend my deepest sympathy for the passing of your father-in-law.  Did your father-in-law ever receive care at a V.A. Facility?  If so, have the staff at the facility look at your father-in-law's records to see if there is a mention of his being W.I.A. during WW 2.  How about your father-in-law's regular M.D.?  Any mention in those records of your father-in-law being W.I.A. during WW 2?  With the passing of your father-in-law, was there an autopsy (sorry to be morbid)?  If so, any mention of the scar on his body where he was W.I.A. during WW 2?  Any shrapnel remaining in his body?
       Was your father-in-law ever a member of the American Legion or the V.F.W.?  If so, visit said Post to see what records may be in the Post Files, OR check with the National H.Q. of the American Legion or the V.F.W.
       What unit is typed in Box #6 on page two of your father-in-law's Discharge Documents (WD AGO Form 53-55)?  Was that the unit your father-in-law was assigned [assigned] to while in combat during WW 2?  There would be a notation that your father-in-law was W.I.A. with the unit records &/or the Hospital Records where he was treated.
       One other suggestion.  May I suggest that your contact your congressperson that represents your in the U.S. Congress.  Not in Madison, but Washington, D.C.  That Congressperson has powers to access records you nor I can never access, & in a timely manner!  This is an EXCELLENT time to request the aid of your Congressperson, since they are eager to obtain the "Veteran's Vote" in November.
       Your family & you are to be commended for your efforts as per your father-in-law.  I am sure that he is looking upon your efforts with a great deal of pride, knowing that you care so for his efforts to defend our great republic seven decades ago.

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   Richard V. Horrell
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