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QUESTION: I recently purchased two field manuals that belonged to man in the 148th engineers, I have been trying to research him and find a photo of him for my collection. I have tried looking up the unit but it says "H+S CO" ? not sure what that means. Any help on how to find his specific unit history or a photo would be amazing thanks!

Dear Justin,

i cant ascertain much by the field manual but i do know some thing of the 148th combat engineers that participated in the battle of the bulge. Is that the unit you are looking for?


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QUESTION: Yes that right, the 148th combat engineers.


Dear Justin,

i do not have much information about this unit but what i can share with you is that they played an integral part in the push towards Germany and were also active in the Battle of the Bulge, one of the most hard fought campaigns of World war 2, i will try and get some more info for you.


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