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I have 2 questions

How many 37 mm aa guns would a chauffeur be responsible for in WWII?  

I know 40 mm Bofors he (Dad) took care of 4 placed them and was #10 on the gun crew

He only spoke of the 40 pointed level at the trees at Anzio. It seems to be a better rifle than AA gun? and never spoke the 37.  I have a copy of the 106th AA Bns journal and it just talks about the 37 until Anzio then it reports that the 40MM fired into the woods like he said

They only received 40s  at Anzio (I had to read it through several times before catching that, it is interesting but most of it is cluttered with stuff thats not interesting)

The 37MM and 40 seem to be very similar except the 37 had 2 50 cal machine guns, which was better? the 40 came out in 1942 and the 37 came out in in 1939

The Bofors 40mm was a far superior weapon to the 37mm.  It had the same rate of fire but fired a heavier shell farther than the 37.  Also the gun was in service with many US allies including the British so parts and ammunition were available.  The US Navy loved the weapon and it was put-on almost every US ship.  The Bofors 49m could be used in an anti infantry role and also were effective against light armored vehicles.  

The 40mm and the 37mm were about the same size so a crew would generally be in charge of the same number of weapons.  So 4 is right.  Some units lost their antiaircraft guns as the Luftwaffe lost ground in the sky to allied air power.  

I hope this helps and enjoy the links
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