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  It is almost August  and every year using the atomic bomb comes up.  The morality, necessity and such. However, Japan did not sign the Geneva convention because the PLANNED on doing things like the Rape Of Nanking and the Bataan Death-March. When you signed the convention, was it unilateral or bilateral? How did it effect the way the war was or should have been prosecuted? If I hear some PC argument against using the bomb, can I point out that  Japan  simply had no legal protections and that the Allies were free to use any weapon and tactics they wanted? Thanks,  BA


You make some very good points.  The US and its allies treated Japanese POWs according to the Geneva Convention but the Japanese did not.  That is not a justification for using an atomic bomb in itself but lays the foundation for the use of atomic weapons to end the war.  Also the German bombing of London and Rotterdam laid the foundation for Allied city bombing.  What is good the goose is good for the gander.  The British in March of 1942 started massive thousand plane raids of German cities.  So if the British could bomb cities so could the US. In addition the Japanese had large war industries in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  These industries were legitimate war targets.

As to legal rights for the Geneva Convention.  The Japanese signed the document in 1929, but its government never ratified it.  Without ratification the documents were just paper.  If the Japanese had ratified it then it would have been unilateral. The Japanese did state they would follow the convection but failed to during the 2nd World War.  So yes the Japanese not ratifying helped to justify the Atomic bombs.

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