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Gayle W Huston
Gayle W Huston  

Gayle & Rose
Gayle & Rose  
I have been searching my father, Gayle W Huston (ASN 38-084-142), WWII service for the past two years and have drawn a blank. He passed away in 1975 without talking about his WWII service and most of his records were destroyed in the fire at the NPRC. Here is what I know 1942-43, after his basic training at FT SILL OK and initial assignment with 8TH CORPS in Texas he deployed to the ETO North Africa in Aug-Sep 1943:
1. He was with the 2nd FA Observation BN, 18TH FA BDE, 5TH ARMY, through North Africa, Italy, invasion southern France, and into Germany. (I think supporting the 45th INF DIV or 6TH CORPS???).
2. At some point he earned a CIB while serving 5TH ARMY or when attached and possibly fought with the 44th INF DIV. He wore the 5TH ARMY patch for the majority of WWII but wore the 44TH INF DIV patch for a short time until a reassignment to the 894th ORD CO, 7TH ARMY after VE-Day.
3. He returned in Nov 1945 having served with the 894th ORD (HAM) CO. as part of the Company L (894TH), 193rd ORD BN. But don't know where it was based from VE-day to Nov 1945?  That would mean he should receive the ARMY OCCUPATION MEDAL.
4. When he returned to the US and out-processed at FT Leavenworth Kansas enroute to Nebraska. He was told he could stay a couple days to update his military service records or for the convenience of the government, he could just sign out and leave (which he did).
5. I know he suffered a head wound during WWII and sometime in the 1950's was treated at the Oakland California VA Hospital for head aches. But I cannot find any medical records to verify how or when he was injured. I do remember visiting him in the VA Hospital and my mother indicated his head was bandaged when they met in Lyon France.

I am trying to resurrect his military record for the awards he did not receive and would like to honor his service. I have his "IKE Jacket" which is what I have been using for research.
A. I believe he should be awarded the ARMY OCCUPATION MEDAL for service May 1945 through November 1945.
B. I believe his should be awarded the BRONZE STAR MEDAL having earned and received a CIB while serving 5TH ARMY and 7TH ARMY.
C. Not sure about the PURPLE HEART since I cannot find medical records of his head injury. Only stories from my mother having met and married him in October 1945 in Lyon, France.

So, if you could help me locate any information about the 894TH ORD (HAM) CONPANY as Company L 193rd ORD BN after VE-Day until the 894TH returned in November 1945. Any information would be helpful.
Thanks for your service.

John D Huston LTC,USA, RET

1804 E. Gum Ave., Woodland, CA  95776-9390

Dear Sir,
       Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "most of his records were destroyed in the fire at the NPRC."  But not your father's Discharge Documents (WD AGO Form 53-55).  Your father was provided with 6-10 copies of his Discharge Documents (WD AGO Form 53-55) when he was "out-processed at FT Leavenworth Kansas".  Where are the 6-10 copies of your father's Discharge Documents (WD AGO form 53-55)?  All the FACTS within the documents would be invaluable toward ACCURATE historic research.
       In your question you typed "having served with the 894th ORD (HAM) CO. as part of the Company L (894th), 193rd ORD BN."  In November 1945, the 894th Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Company was not "part of" Company L, 193rd Ordnance Battalion.  Would you be so kind as to indicate the Primary Source Document you possess indicating what you have typed?
       In your question you typed "I am trying to resurrect his military records".  May I ask, with all due respect, for whom?
       In your question you typed "I have his IKE Jacket which is what I have been using for research."  Please let me be sure I am understanding you correctly.  With all due respect, you are utilizing a garment to conduct "research"?  What about your father's Discharge Documents (WD AGO Form 53-55) for "research"?  Have you not utilized those Primary Source Documents available to you?
       In your question you typed "I believe he should be awarded the BRONZE STAR MEDAL having earned and received a CIB while serving 5th Army and 7th ARMY."  I acknowledge what you "believe".  However, what Primary Source Documents do you possess indicating that your father "earned and received a" Combat Infantryman Badge while serving in Fifth Army &/or Seventh Army?  The Department of Defense will require of you Primary Source Documents indicating your father "earned and received" a Combat Infantryman Badge.
       In your question you typed "could you help me locate any information about the 894th ORD (HAM) CONPANY [sic]".  The unit records (FACTS) are located at:

US Army Heritage & Education Center
950 Soldiers Drive
 Carlisle   PA   17013

       Please visit my blog at

  Richard V. Horrell
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