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Hello Colonel Lynn,

Having researched my Dad's Armored Division's history in WWII, I learned that his Division was divided up into three Task Forces. Were all Armored and Infantry Divisions divided into Task Forces during WWII (ETO), or were Task Forces only created for a specific mission or time period?

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Dear James,
         Task Forces were temporary collections of units put together under one command for a specific mission or assignment. They varied considerably in size and configuration. A group of companies could just as easily be called a "Task Force" as a division-sized collection of men. Traditionally, a Task Force was named after the man commanding it. Most Task Forces were ad hoc formations in effect for a short period of time. No records were kept for Task Forces, per se, though records were kept on the various components of each Task Force. May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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