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 This is an 'counter factual history question, how do you think General Douglas MacArthur would have been as the Allies Supreme Commander in Europe(America's entry, D-Day, etc.,) instead of the Pacific during WW2.
 I thank you in advance for looking over my question.


Now that is a fun question.  MacArthur would have done very well in Europe for a number of reasons.  As a what if; say Ike was killed in a plane crash and the Pacific war either down to a naval war or the US was winning big; then MacArthur could have become Allied Supreme commander.  MacArthur was known to pick very good aids as was Ike.  MacArthur would have kept most of Ikeís team and only replaced some staff upon arriving in Europe.  MacArthur also had deceit experience working with the British in Would War 1 and they might have clicked.  It would have been fun to see Monty and MacArthur go after each other.  MacArthur would have shut him down hard.  As long as MacArthur listened to his field commanders he would have done well in Europe.  

Ike had served under MacArthur in the 1930 and was no fan of him but he did admit MacArthur knew his job.

Thank you and check out the links.  I donít agree with everything in the links but they are fun for what if stories.

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