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Dear Mr. Leepson,

I am a high school student in my junior year at Bedford High School in Massachusetts. I am currently involved in the National History Day project, and as part of it we are required to conduct an interview with an expert on the topic. My topic is Operation Valkyrie and the 20 July plot. I have a few questions on the topic that I was wondering if you could answer.

1. Why do you think that the plot was not succesessful?

2. What do you believe is the significance of the event?

Thank you for your time.


Chris Cowles

While I don't consider myself an expert on World War II history, I have written about the war and taught it at community college and have a few thoughts about the plot.

I believe that it was unsuccessful mainly through the bad luck that Hitler was not killed. If he had, things may have worked out as the plotters planned it.

The significance is twofold: that there were more than a few German military men (and, by extension, German people) who saw that Hitler was evil and were motivated to take action. Secondly, there were many more who were loyal to Hitler and his ideas who rallied around him after the attempt.

Hope this helps.

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