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Military History/British Cavalry halter rope knot


jo jo wrote at 2009-01-02 19:36:06
Hello perhaps you already knwo this as it is a commen calvary knot... Most of the  knots for around the neck are a coil loop, slip knot. you make a loop with your excess rope, after having it placed aroud the neck then lying it along side the rope going to the halter wrap the remainder neatly and carfeully all the way a round all three parts and up until just the very top of your loop is showing then stick the end of your rope though the loop and then ajdust this by pulling that loop into your coil unitl is is not seen, this knot once finshed looks neat and can be adjusted around the neck by sliding.

Trooper wrote at 2010-12-04 01:02:32
Rope is taken round the horses neck and secured on itself one span fron the bridle ring by four full turns and two half turns

borderman wrote at 2011-02-10 01:57:55
I think you will see the same knot in every John Wayne movie featuring the cavalry.  I tie mine similar to a noose knot.  First loop the rope around the horse's neck.  Second, place both ends of the rope parallel and next to each other.  Then, fold the tag end and twist it back around the parallel ropes two or three times.  Finally take the tag end and tuck it back through the first loop (where you first folded and started to twist) and pull tight.  It is hard to describe without pictures, but look for a noose instructions, it is the same idea.  This is handy for securing halter ropes to keep them out of your way while riding, but still having a halter if you need it.  People say it catches in the brush, but I have used it for years cowboying in the Sonoran desert, and have never had trouble, knock on wood.

Averygdgrl wrote at 2013-01-14 00:58:23
Try a hang mans noose or a bow mans knot. Make loop big enuf to fit over horses neck then tie it off. The benefit to the hang mans noose is its adjustable. Loop it over the neck and attach under the chin n u got ur Calvary rope. Or get a medium O ring.loop rope n half then take both pieces together n loop thru o ring. Pull one side thru a bit longer so it goes around neck. Then tie the loose rope end n knot the other loose end should b ur clasp t hook under chin. It should b adjustable n will it fall apart n has same appearance too. Good luck. These methods r what I use on my ores n his mounted posse uniform too

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