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Michael Strauss, AG wrote at 2007-08-04 19:24:08
I read your email posting concerning information about a Confederate Marine.  One of the referenced materials listed was an article by Trevor Plante from the National Archives in Washington, DC.  Many of the surviving Civil War Confederate Marine Corps records are located at that facility (part of RG109). One of the books that Plante makes reference to is by the late Ralph W. Donnelly.  The title of the book is called "Service Records of Confederate Enlisted Marines".  It is a very difficult book to locate, but I have managed to locate a copy for myself.  I looked in the index and found a reference that just might be Mason's great great grandfather. The information from the book contains the following information.

Allen P. Ham

Private Company E. (I believe under command of Captain John R.F. Tattnall)

Enlisted Decatur, GA on June 30, 1863

Paid $50.00 bounty at Savannah, GA on August 1, 1863

On Clothing Receipt Rolls-Company E. 3rd Quarter, 1863 & 1864. Also on Company E. Muster Roll dated October 31, 1864.   No further information available.

Mason can now contact the National Archives and look at those original records and get copies.

Hopefully this information will help him with his research some. I am a professional genealogist and historian and would love to hear from Mason concerning the family photograph to see if it was ever located.

Kathleen wrote at 2014-11-11 23:19:34
Ralph Donnelly was my father. I and my brother have much of his library and perhaps some notes. I'm not sure we could locate more than what was published.  

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