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QUESTION: So I'm not sure if this falls under you expertise but I was wonderingif the threats that korea has made on the U.S. could effect soldiers being able to contact their families

ANSWER: A crisis such as this would not normally interfere with U.S. soldiers' being able to maintain routine contact with their familes via email or snail mail or telephone, etc. U.S. military are counseled by their superiors not to reveal sensitive information. Furthermore, their communications are subject to monitoring and censorship at any time.

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QUESTION: Okay well the reason I asked is because my fiance has been in the airforce for 3 years and was supposed to be getting discharged within the next couple of months. I have not heard from him since this whole Korea situation started so it has to be something to do with that he normally calls everyday

You might want to contact his unit's home base and ask. Also, have you tried calling or sending emails to your fiance directly? If you're not sure how to contact his stateside parent unit or his Korea-based unit, you might ask some local VFW or American Legion members to assist you. I wish you luck.

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