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How likely is war between russia china and western nations?

With russia and the US tension almost hitting rock bottom and the iranian nuclear programme causing alot of tension also including the war in syria what is the likelihood of a global nuclear war?


I place the odds of a global nuclear war involving Russia, China and/or the U.S. at close to zero. Certainly, these nations have moments of political tensions in their relations, but they are able to manage these tensions so that they do not get out of hand. Also, bear in mind that tensions between the West and Russia and China were at their highest during the Cold War. As a kid, I remember practicing drills at school to prepare us for nuclear attack. The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 brought Washington and Moscow to the brink of nuclear conflagration. And there were those in the U.S. who talked about employing nuclear weapons against China during the Korean War. Fortunately, we face none of these high tensions today vis--vis Moscow and Beijing.

I'm more concerned about the prospects of nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan, or Iran and Israel, should the former succeed in developing atomic weapons.

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