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What do you thing the likelihood of a third world war will be?

I have recently read that the US are currently beefing up their military in asia which is making tensions with china worse and then there russia which are building up their nuclear weapons and are currently sending their military nearer to the US via cuba and the chances of an EMP attack fired from cuba

This is not a question that anyone can answer. However, from a military history perspective, it is interesting that we have not had a world war since the advent of nuclear weapons. Strangely, the mutual self destruction aspect of nuclear arsenals has worked for nearly 70 years to curtail world wars.
With respect to your reference the Asian theater in your question, I notes that China has a 200 million man army and even during their most rigid and dogmatic period of communist rule, they never attacked any of their neighbors. I don't see them doing that now given their growing acceptance of capitalism.
Russia it seems peacefully transistioned from the USSR. It clearly had the military might to have crushed its breakaway republics, without probably much opposition from the west, but it didn't.
Obviously, small countries like North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, and others could start a war with a neighbor, like Iraq did. That might bring us or anyone else into the fray. But again, I doubt if there would be the kind of blind charge that would lead other superpowers into a war.
With respect to your EMP attack scenario, I would consider that or an errant nuclear weapon attack on the US by some third world beligerant, a distinct possibility. This could be done by even a radical group and we may never know who was really responsible. We would probably obliterate the ship that launched the missile, before we realized that we would destroy the evidence of who the enemy really was.  

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