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Will WW3 break out if the U attacks syria?

The answer to this question is beyond the expertise of anyone. I am not an expert in foriegn relations, The Middle East, or the historical causes of World Wars. That said, here are my observations for what they are worth.

1. Syria has been attacked several times in the recent past and WWIII has not started.
2. Chemical Weapons were employed by Iraq against its own people and Iran on a number of occassions, killing and injuring far more, and neither the US nor any other country attacked Iraq at that time.
3. The United States and Europe has had an opportunity and requests to intervene in the Syrian Civil War many times over the past two years and have done nothing.
4. Isreal may not be in favor of unseating the current Syrian Government and replacing it with an unknown leadership that may be more hostile to Isreal. The US is likely to give their view substantial weight.
5. The United States is still paying for the Vietnam War and is unlikely to want to go a few more trillion dollars in debt for another major conflict in the Middle East. In support of this view, there was no major opposition when we withdrew troups from Iraq and projected their removal from Afghanistan. This to me signals that the US voting majority does not support a major new offensive in the Middle East. We certainly had opportunity in Egypt, Lybia and other "Arab Spring" situations. Presumably Congress and the President listen to the voters.
6. Clearly the UK doesn't support military action. Other European allies also seem guarded.
7. The danger is that a successful large scale counter-attack against the US, Europe or Isreal, by Iran, Syria, Russia or an unknown, could change voter sentiment as did the attack on
9-11. Then the possibility of a large conflict cannot be ruled out.  

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