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What's the blast radius of a Tomahawk cruise missile? How far from the explosion of the warhead in the missile does the explosion demolish buildings?

Sorry I missed this question when you asked it. The Cruise missile only carries a 1,000 pound warhead. A few years ago a WWII bomb exploded in Germany damaging homes 400 meters away. That could have been a 1,000 or 500 kg bomb. (probably included only very slight damage). Most of the WWII bombs were smaller than 1,000 lbs. The federal building in OK was destroyed with about 950 lbs. of a much lower brisance explosive than that contained in a Cruise Missile. So the answer would depend on the types of construction, the topography of the land surface, etc.
The biggest bomb in the US arsenal is the MOAB (mother of all bombs) which has about 22,000 pounds of explosives and can detonate just above the ground.
The military value of the cruise missile is in its ability to fly below radar and hit targets precisely, not in its capacity. A similar French Exocet missile sunk a British destroyer in the Falklands War. That's only 364 lbs of explosive.  

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