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Sir, I have a doubt. Opportunistic Chinese exploited Cuban missile crisis and attacked India. USSR declared neutrality.
Only because strong American intervention India could save Assam.  Why didnít  India return them  the same favor  on 1969 Sino- Soviet  war?
After all,  India won 1967 and 1987 border clashes against China. Please reply. Yours Sincerely,  Jose. India.

Recent information shows that Jawaharlal Nehru had requested military intervention by the United States:

"Admitting that Indians couldn't use air strikes against the rampaging Chinese army for fear of retaliatory action, Nehru went on to specifically ask for 12 squadrons of supersonic all-weather fighters and a modern radar system. He also mentioned that these aircraft would have to be manned by US personnel while the Indians were still being trained."

As it happened, the Sino-Indian War coincided exactly with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Pres. Kennedy was in no position to undertake military intervention against the Chinese in Asam and therefore rejected Nehru's request. (He likely would have declined even if there were no missile crisis with Cuba.) This contributed to India's moving closer to the Soviet Union and the beginning of decades-long close military collaboration with Moscow.

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