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How many men does an average military barrack hold? And how large are the barracks from their floor area?

Like could a barrack 200ftx200ft in eight floors hold let's say a thousand men?


It depends. There is no such thing as an "average military barracks," especially today.  It depends on the country, armed force, type of unit, etc. U.S. military WWII-Vietnam barracks were generally two-story, wood frame holding a platoon (40 men) on each floor. So 80 men would be the norm. Other countries might have different TO&Es (tables of organization and equipment). American forces in West Germany used former Wehrmacht 2-story Kasernes, and so did the Germans. Today, barracks are of varying types, capacities and designs. Other than basic training, most of U.S. enlisted men live in dorms or rooms. In sum, one needs to factor in  country, era, type of unit, whether it is motorized, horse-drawn, etc.

200X200 feet is hardly an average barracks and the average U.S. (or any other) barracks would hardly be eight floors. To my knowledge, no barracks feature elevators, which would hinder troops' ability to haul equipment and run in and out, up and down eight stories.

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