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Military Policy & Weapons/Advantages and disadvantages of these battle formations?


So what would be the advantages and disadvantages of these battle formations:

1. Two tank battalions, two mechanized battalions, one anti air company, artillery battalion, recon company, anti tank battery, an engineer company, a signals company, a medical company, a chemical protection company, materiel suppprt company, maintenance company.

2. The previous one with one tank battalion less and one mechamized battalion more.

The simple answer:
Less tanks, less strenght for offensive operations.

More infantry, more capable in built up areas.

The long answer:
Too complicated to explore in this format. I suggest reading litterature on the subject. Although I doubt a clear answer will be hard to find. Each country has their own doctrine, their own limits and possibilities.

Sadly I cannot be more specific since this is a big and complicated question  

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Peter Eriksson


Im capable of answering many of your questions about modern Main Battle Tanks and their configuration/construction/sub-systems. I can also tell you a thing or two about MBT ammunition like the DU-projectiles and Hollow Charge munitions if you like.


I work as a technical officer in the Swedish armoured corps. I work on a daily basis with modern systems like the Leopard 2 MBT and the CV9040 IFV. This is something I have done for more than 10 years.


15+ years of service in the Swedish Army

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