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I am writing a novel that takes place in Florida and I need some help with details. Croatian assailants were using Serbian Zastava M91s. 1) Can they be sold in the US to whomever or would they have to get them illegally? 2) If it was illegally, can it be done by a corrupt owner of a legit-on-the-surface weapons business? 3) I am also featuring the HS2000, but does Croatia make a sniper rifle? If yes the other two questions would apply to that model? Thanks in advance!

!) They were shown it the 2014 & 2015 shot show, There supposed to be imported but the deal was shelved by century arms. We do not know the reason why. Can they be sold here, yes. However they not been sold here yet.
Is it possible an illegal one could slip into the country somehow? Its possible but highly unlikely. Import-Export of arms are highly regulated. If came in it be by smuggling by organized crime. Anyone in arms trade would not risk the legal fall out of smuggling one.
In Eastern bloc a number of nations make the DRAGUNOV rifles including sniper versions. Those are legal in USA while they were imported. If you need it to Zastava rifle the M76 rifle was sold in USA. They can be found on This one chamber in USA round 30-06 Springfield a far more accurate than any of old Soviet rounds. In all honest almost ANY bolt action hunting rifle with high tech optics added and glass bedded stock and trigger job can be a sniper rifle. US M-40 sniper is just Remington 700 rifle with a heavy barrel.

2) no see above

3) The HS2000 is imported into the US and sold under the name Springfield Armory XD
here what avail. These are all chambered in common US calibers only.

This company makes a bull pup design rifle. Those are urban combat rifle. Short distances and tight places basically.

If you had basically a hit team in from from another country, they most likely buy common, hard to trace, stolen American made arms, from the black market. Using what amounts to exotic arms make it much more likely you will be caught. If they are smart they use a bolt action rifle as opposed to semi auto rifle. Semi auto the cases rejected with great force.  This is so you can the shell casing with you. Shell casing can matched to weapon that by tool markings. You also choose a revolver over a pistol for the same reason. You leave evidence behind as possible. You not going buy any of the weapons at dealer, online or at gun show, too easy to trace it and there are background checks and paper work.

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