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I am writing a crime novel that takes place in Florida and I need a little help. Croatian assailants were using Serbian Zastava M91s. 1) Can they be sold in the US to whomever or would the assailants have to acquire them illegally? 2) If it was done illegally, can it be easily done by a corrupt owner of a legit-on-the-surface weapons business? 3) Does Croatia make a sniper rifle (if yes the other two questions would apply to that model)? Thanks in advance!


The Zastava M91 is not available in the U.S. though I see a petition is circulating to allow its importation.

Croatia produces its own sniper rifle, the EM-992(, though it also appears to be unavailable in the U.S.

You might want to rely on the Russian-made Dragunov 7.62mm sniper rifle. Otherwise, there are many others available on the market to choose from.

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