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Dear Brian,
I'm 31. I met this guy, "T" - a couple of years my senior - a year ago and almost instantly forgot about him, due to the fact we only spent a total of five seconds together :D
A month ago, I attended a vocational field trip and T showed up. To my utmost surprise, he immediately recognized me, smiled broadly and waved - which is not the usual behavior of (somewhat reserved) people from "our" circle. He was very warm, polite and outgoing. Another positive shock came at the end of the day when he offered me a ride home out of the blue (he and his /male/ colleague got there by car and not by organized transport). Mind you, this is a two hour ride at least. During the ride, I learned that T is going to be more or less out of the country in the next few months for professional reasons. (basically, his colleague asked him about his plans for the summer and that was his answer)
After we dropped his colleague off, T insisted on bringing me home safely. We continued to talk and he even suggested a semi-professional collaboration in the near future. (I had nothing to do with this!) Of course, I gladly accepted his offer. We exchanged our social network information before we parted.
Nothing much has happened ever since. We did connect on a social networking site, but we haven't contacted each other except for a few "likes" here and there. I do see him online occasionally, but I don't think he's in the city/country right now - and besides, he doesn't post much stuff, let alone his current whereabouts. (His online persona is obviously much different than the one he showed me IRL - is that even possible?)
So, I felt a genuine (mutual?) attraction that day. I was pretty much attracted to the warmth, familiarity and protectiveness he showed towards me even though we only met once before. Even if nothing happens on the emotional level, I'd be glad to have him in my life.
So, based on all of this, do you think he'll contact me once he returns in the fall, for whatever reason?
I know this sounds like an oracle question, but any answer is a good answer ;)
Thank you in advance!

Hey Khai!

Interesting question!  I'm glad you recognize the fact that I have no prophetic powers, unfortunately!  Haha.

Really whether or not he will contact you is dependent on SO many circumstances it's impossible to say one way or the other!  I will say, based on the information that you've given me that there's definitely a chance!  I doubt he would have bothered going all the way to your place to see you safely off if he was totally uninterested.  And the fact that he does bother to follow what's going on with you through social media tells me that you're still on his mind.

Simply put, he's not likely to forget about you, which is to say there's always a chance!  So don't give up hope completely.  ;)

Hope it all works out!  Take care, and thanks for the question.

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