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Hey im 18 guys me and this girl recently started talking and she came over the other night to hangout I offered to go out but she insisted we stay in and watch movies we hungout and one thing led to another and we started kissing and touching and she was wanting sex but we didn't because she didn't want to because she was a "screamer" she was talking dirty and telling me to grab her ass so I did and we just talked and kiss and had a good time SHE EVEN SAID IM REALLY STARTING TO LIKE YOU. I tried a couple times to escalate to sex but didn't push it.  we'll she ended up leaving around 1 am and it's been about two days and it was like the next morning she totally changed her mind she won't even give me the time of day HELP? She will barely text back when she used to reply fast and she Disney make sense when she dose

It's not very confusing. It is just typical of teenage phase.
Just don't text her and don't chase her. She will come around if she wants more. If she doesn't, that is ok too. There are literally billions of other girls in the world, you shouldn't stress yourself out because of this one.

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