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Hi my question is regarding certain signs men might give off especially in a club to see if they are interested in the person but are either shy or really not interested. I have noticed a few times now on different occasions a really good looking guy standing with his friends minding his own business and not flirting with girls, obviously they know they are attractive. So I tried to do the eye contact thing, my friends talk to his friends let him know i'm interested, but nothing happened, at one point he came across the room to my area to talk to his friend and i was talking to a male friend but my friend tapped him on his back to introduce us he then shook my hand and continued his discussion with his friend.  Periodically eye contact would be made throughout the night and i would notice he would walk past me a lot more often and stand not too far away from me but still no movement was made. My question is how do I tell if he was just shy or really not interested? The night ended with me just leaving and wondering if i should have pulled him aside when he was by himself? or maybe he just was not into me.


You are right. Maybe he was just not that into you.
Also, start thinking of better places to start relationships... clubs are one of the worst environment for it.
And finally, if you choose guys based on looks first, get ready for some major disappointments in your dating life.

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