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I've just been looking for an answer on a little matter that's been bugging me.

I have some kind of awkward problem, where whenever I make my own world, I have to outdo series that I like. When I decided to make my own science-fiction series, Warhammer 40,000 was one of those that I intended to outdo.

I have one species, that has a number at 700 followed by another hundred billion zeroes. I'm not sure if there's a name for such a number.

Would that number be enough for them to solo the 40k verse or at least fight against the factions individually and win?

As for their tech level, having researched 40k, I'm certain that I've got them beaten in that area.

So yeah, could I win?


Let me first say i admire your guts and imagination in creating your own personal sci-fi universe. I will as best as i can try to clarify what the 40K in wh40k means.

To my knowledge 40k stands for the year 40 000. In a far far future far far away. As no one knows how fast human technology will improve. We have some ideas about the likes of flying cars but we are far from implementing anything for no one knows how long.

On the other hand if you want to have a hyper inteligent race to arise in the universe and come fight the different factions and outsmart/outtech them. I belive in your world you are in your right to do this.

So yes, you could win as its you making your story,

Good luck

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