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Morgan wrote at 2012-12-26 04:00:19
Hi, I work with 7 miniature horses, 2 are stallions, and the rest are mares. We actually sell something specifically for thick necks!! it's called a jell neck sweat wrap, and you can order it online or message me for questions and to order it. We have a professional site and we sell to all over the world.(Australia, U.K. U.S. and Canada)This is our Facebook page and you can take a look at what we have to offer, and this is our WEBSITE

Another tip I can give you is if you take a rolling pin to the top of his main and put pressure and roll back and forth on the top of his neck for about 5 minutes on each side once a day, it will help with the "rolls" but I HIGHLY suggest you purchase a jell neck sweat wrap and it will INSTANTLY make your stallion's neck thinner!!!!


Louellen, and Morgan.

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I can answer general questions about the miniature horse breed- care, temperament, conformation, breeding and normal health questions but I am not a vet.


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