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I have a 7 year old mini gelding. I use to show him in AMHR shows but when i went to college my family took care of him. Needless to say my Gram got him FAT. He is fat in his belly and his whole neck has gotten thicker. He get a handful of a grain called triple 10 (similar to sweet feed ) and he get 1/3 flake in morning and 1/3 flake at night. But since i have 4 other large horses when they all go out i put whole bale of hay out for everyone. So he eats it freely there.

I was working him everyday with a belly sweat. I did everything from working him on a long line walk-trot-canter and over fences to line driving him (with out belly sweat of course). He lost a few inches on the sides but still is fat. I also use throat and neck sweats too but still has super thick neck instead of his nice hookie show neck.

So is there anything else i can do to get him back to show weight and condition? especially with winter coming up

Thank you

Hello Dominque,
I totally understand this as I have some minis and it is hard to keep them fit!  You have identified that he is getting lots of hay with the other horses.  One option is to keep him in, or section off an area for him so he can't eat with the others.  You could also use a mini grazing muzzle which greatly limits what they can eat.  Exercise will help as well, but you need to cut back  on his food.  If he is eating with the others AND still getting his 1/3 flake twice daily, he is getting much more than he needs!

Good luck with this.   

Heidi  Herriott

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