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I'm 6'0 tall 175lb, I did two years in the military after high school but since I've been home I've been doing my throwing  drills and working hard. I've got my 2seam fb back to low to mid 80s topped out at 84mph but i can definitely improve it.  Decent curve ball  my circle change is probably my best go to. I've been picked up by a few local wood bat leagues and have progressed well, but my pitching coach said there isn't alot of competition. My question is if i it wanted to try out for an independent league or minor league team how would i go about it? Would it be worth a shot? How do I find a try out? I've looked into the Greenville drive with my pitching coach but i don't know how to find a try out? I just want to see what I can do.



if you want to try out for an indepenedent team, just call them up and ask when tryouts or. if you're interested in trying out for major leageu baseball, check out the link above. if it's not current, it will be in a few weeks. good luck.

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Originally, i started doing this because I became engrossed researching prospects for a fantasy baseball league. Back then all I really wanted to do was answer questions about baseball prospects. Funny how time flies but fifteen years later I have been asked questions regarding the negro leagues, what minor leaguers get paid, why players don't rub their injury when they get hurt, and how players can tryout for the minor leagues to name only a few. I was recently in correspondence with a father of a marine who lost several fingers while in Iraq; he was later drafted by the Padres and is playing in their minor league system. Additionally, I get a lot of questions from guys asking me if i think they can be successful at these tryouts or if they should tryout at all. I do my best to answer every one's question without overstepping my bounds of knowledge. *sometimes i have to tell people that I just can't answer their question.* And sometimes I have to tell people that they just aren't good enough to be a professional ball player.* Most recently i have received two negative feedbacks from people who didn't like my response. one 30 year old guy who hadn't played since he was a teenager asked me if he really had a shot at making the tryouts. realistically, i said no. i guess he didn't appreciate my bluntness but that was the truth. I am not really an 'expert' in anything. I just answer people's inquires, give some conservative, advise or tell them 'I don't know.' After fifteen years I have realized that i do fulfill most questions satisfactorily which keeps me doing this.


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