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Hello :). I just had a few questions about obi diinations... Well here goes

I know for an obi divination you need four cocoanut or four cowrie shells i was wondering

1) how do you bless the shells and what prayers should be said

2) do you have to be a FULL initiate to perform these kinds of divinations? ( as if i wanted to. Perform the reading on someone)

3) how do i open a obi divination session meaning do i need to say a prayer or perform certain actions to show respect and start the reading?  And for ending it as well

4) can i preform the reading on my self ? ( if i wanted to speak to my orishas can i preform the reading or do i need to go to a santero)

greetings brian,
thank you for writing.

yes, prayers are needed both to open and close.

the person who 'gives' you obi ( there is a ceremony) is the one who traditionally shows the methods of divination with obi to you and teaches you the prayers.

no you do not need to be initiated at all to use obi. each ile works differently, each lineage has their own way of dealing with obi divination. it is good to be under the tuteledge of an initiate or someone who has worked with obi for some years because it is real easy to get 'boxed in' to a divination with obi where you simply have some bumps, some of which where you may be unable to close the reading. that's why having a padrino, madrina, espiritista someone who 'gives' you obi and is willing to help you is paramount for success.

also remember within those who honor orisa, obi IS an orisa, and must be treated with a certain amount and type of respect. once again, this is vitally important to work well with obi.

and finally, yes, in many lineages including my own obi is given first and foremost to read for the self.

it is not customary to work with obi to speak with your orishas, and if you have orishas, then...this conversation requires more information.

if you have orishas, you are initiated OR how did you get them?  if you are initiated, go to your godparents for more info. if you are not initated and have someone else's orishas, FIND some godparents as soon as possible for help to take care of them.

in order to have your orisas to 'speak' speak with a well trained santera or santero or iyanifa or babalawo or iyalorisa or babalorisa.

if this is confusing, do ask more questions for clarity's sake.

blessings to you,

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