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I understand that the Ayelala are Imole who embody the collective consciousness of the Mothers. I am wondering are the Mothers the same beings as the Iyami? I was wondering is there any information out there about these particular forces of nature, Ayelala.


Well! Good question!

I did not know about this myself and had to do some research. It seems from what I could gather in a cursory examination of what was quickly available is that Ayelala is a discrete ancestral-derived orisha with her own shrines. She is experiencing a resurgence in worship in the Benin area, and is considered to be effective in quickly dispelling evil and dispensing justice.  This is not unlike the Iyami who, as you said, are the embodiment of the collective consciousness of the Mothers. So to me they sound similar but not the same.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for your excellent question. I really enjoy learning something new!


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