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QUESTION: I saw a person on Internet seem to hold and teach a weir belief system.
this person believes that God created the world.
this person believes that God cannot watch every human being at the same time so he created "spirits"(like angels or demigods in traditional religions) to watch and guide humankind.
this person believes that souls of humankind are like electricity of the robots.humankind don't have life after death like robot cannot survive after the electricity is used up.
this person believes that heaven and hell are only for spirits(angel like beings) and not for human.
this person belief that humankind are only robot toys that play by the spirits.humankind are not spirits themselves but the spirits possess the human bodies.a man die after his spirit gone.
this person believe that a dead man cannot survive dead in spiritual form because the spirit was never part of a man like a kid who play a robot toy is not part of a robot toy.
what kind of information do you have about this belief system?

ANSWER: This sounds like the teachings of David Icke.  He is the only person I know of who wrote about "robots."  If so, his is considered to be a conspiracy theorist.  He wrote a book called THE ROBOTS REBELLION.  It sounds like his teachings combine a number of elements: faith in God, angelology, spiritism, and robots.  I have some of his books, though, I confess, I haven't read them.  I don't get the robot connection.  Perhaps, as L. Ron Hubbard (founder of Dianetics/Scientology), Icke is influenced by science fiction.  Since robotics is becoming increasing commonplace, it's not surprising that it would enter someone's theology.  Icke also gets into reptiles, like that influential people are really reptiles. He seems to represent a radical, extreme wing of the New Age movement. Primarily, I think he is a writer and speaker, but I doubt he has much of a following.  Joel

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QUESTION: can you give any examples of science fictions or horror novels tell that humankind are actually robots(or computer programs)that created and controlled by higher beings(such as aliens or spirits)and mankind don't have their own thoughts or spirits? how do their ideas enter the theology of alternative religions?

ANSWER: I'm not too familiar with science fiction, and the only books I know of that deal with robots are CYBORG, which I think is by Curt Sidomak (?), and I, ROBOT which (I think) is by Issac Asimov.  FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley was not about robots, but it was a fictional commentary on creating human life.
    The only science fiction novel I am aware of that had a direct spiritual implication was STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND (Robert Heinlein).  It was about a Martian and it introduced the practice of "groking" that was used by the Church of All Worlds, an actual pagan church.
    Any science fiction or horror book can have spiritual or theological meaning.  For example, I think Stephen King's PET SEMETARY has a very theological meaning about the implications of life and death.  Stories of vampires had a very religious meaning because they were seen as a kind of anti-Christ.
    If you take any story or novel about robots, consider what the story says about the nature of life, its value, or immortality.
    Your might want to look at some novels by Ayn Rand, THE FOUNTAINHEAD, ATLAS SHRUGGED, and ANTHEM. Many of her writings concerned issues as the value and dignity of mankind against big government.  Joel

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QUESTION: just last question on this belief system,the person who I mentioned also believe that all scriptures(such as bible,Koran or Vedas) in world religions are myths and the gods(such as Yahweh or Allah) are false but this person also believes that people can still get their prayer answer by praying to the false gods  because the spirits answers their prayer in order to make the false religions look real.this person believes that the one true God have yet reveal himself to the humanity.
where do you think the revelation of this belief system came from if no one held it before?
what do you think about this belief system?

It is probable that this teaching is based on many elements, like eastern religions, spiritism, occultism,. or even science.  Perhaps when he talks about "false gods," he is referring to a kind of dull, lifeless religion.  It may look good, but, as Jesus said, it may be "full of dead men's bones."  Possibily his contast is between "popular religion" and the "one true God."  I can definitely see that: you have religion, and you have God, and the two are not necessarily the same.  Regarding robots, I'm not sure what he is speaking of, but considering the popularity of robotics, it is not surprising that it would make its way into theology.  It does raise theological questions:  if you can create life (artificially) and it can do most anything, what, then, is the value of human life?  Joel

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