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How would i go about making conjure pots? .and Not An nganga They Are learly Two Differen Things lease Explain In Full Details and also he Dangers And how to work With The spirits correctly

thanks for writing.

the instructions for how to make pots of any sort is not appropriate for this forum.

for me to tell you how to build anything, we would need to build a relationship as student and teacher.

there is certain info i'd like to know about you and you ought to know about me before proceeding.

i am not sure what you are attempting to accomplish or where this idea of conjure pots came from, since there are many ways of getting things done without pots and there is no tradition of a conjure pot to speak of in the usa. if you read of them somewhere it is best to go to that source and ask them about them, their nature, function and how to build one or more.

blessings to you on your journey,

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I can answer questions about African American Spiritualism Vodou, Hoodoo/Conjure/Rootwork, Orisha, and Ifa.


I am a Christian Spiritualist and a former practicing Iyalawo,Conjurewoman,Voodooist,and Orisha Priestess in the Ifa Tradition

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