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When Jesus comes back to rule & sets up heaven on earth will the people living here in heaven be subject to temptation, sin disease and sickness.  Will people live for a thousand years or will they be subject to death at any time.

Hi Tony,
Christianity varies considerably on these questions.
Most Christians do not believe there will be a 'heaven on earth'. Most believe Christians will live in Heaven (some believe they will become angels) and that the "unsaved" will go to Hell and the earth will be destroyed.

Among those Christians who believe in an earthly thousand year kingdom many believe that for the first thousand years following the Battle of Armageddon there will be no death (some say it will be possible to decide to die or to be judged for removal due to rebellion but no natural death). Many Christians believe the people of the post Armageddon world will age to perfection or de-age to perfection (and then cease aging).

At the end of the thousand years they believe there will be another war, the War of Gog of Magog. During that war all the remaining wicked will be destroyed (or consigned to Hell) and those who survive will "be changed" to a state that 'eye has not seen nor ear heard' and enter into Gan Eden, the restored original intention of God. The state of that earthly existence is beyond our current comprehension.

My personal views are different than these, but these are the essential Christian views. Various Christian sects hold their own unique perspectives of course.

I hope this helps in your studies.  

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