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Do you believe that the Bahai faith has a lot of Persian tradition in it although it is suppose to be a Global Faith? Such as the Bahai new year is the same as the Persian New year.
Thank you

ANSWER: Hello,
    Naw Ruz is not so much borrowed from Persian culture, as it is scientifically logical to have the new year around the Spring equinox. The Baha'i calendar of 19 months, consisting of 19 days each is a gift to the world from the Bab in order to facilitate unity.  The 9 Holy days are unique to this Faith. The fact that a Bahai day begins at sunset is the same for Jews. The  fasting period is not unique, but common in many religions, and it is now consistently placed at a time of the year when the times of sunrise and sunset will not be an extreme hardship.
    All of the world's  great religions were subject to some cultural influence from the land of their birth, for it is their history. This is not a Persian Faith, but a universal religion, destined to unite all peoples spiritually, while encouraging them to retain diversity and
and cultural heritages.Any cultural practice which conflicts with the Revelation for this Day will be superceeded by the principles of God which will facilitate unity and peace. For example, if a culture subjugates women, that practice will yield to the teaching of Baha'u'llah that men and women are equal. I hope this is helpful. Thank you for your question.
Be happy,   Gail

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Thanks for the answer.
Does this mean that the Bahai encourages members to celebrate their own culture events?
Also what is the Faith view on wealth? I read that they are against Extreme wealth.
Thank you

Yes,individuals could celebrate their own cultural holidays in addition to Bahai Holy Days...and cultural music,etc. Could be incorporated into Feast day celebrations which are planned and hosted by local individuals. (There is no ritual or clergy in the Bahai faith).
    Extremes of wealth and poverty should be eliminated...the key word is extremes. People who can earn a great deal of money can certainly wear gold and silk, etc..but a portion of their income will be contributed to assist those less fortunate. A consciousness that we are all one family motivates humans to care for one another, and prevent suffering...it is a matter of spiritual development and maturity.
     Be happy, Gail

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I have been a Baha`i for over 30 years. This is a legitimate world religion, not a branch or a cult. There is no clergy; but I have served on the local and national administrative bodies and as a public speaker, teacher, international pioneer, delegate to National Conventions, etc. The Faith teaches the Oneness of God, the Oneness of religion and the Oneness of mankind. The independent investigation of truth is fundamental to its teachings. A Baha`i is a follower of Baha`u`llah who revealed over a hundred tablets and claims to be the Promised One of all religions.

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