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I met a man that is in a secret society that doesn't believe Jehovah is the Great I AM...He believes the Great I AM is a different God, that doesn't really concern himself with man.  He believes when we die we turn into pure energy. He doesn't believe Christ died but lived to be an old man and that he was married to Mary Magdelline. He believes the Apostle Paul was a fraud. And he claims to keep the 500 some commands given to the Jews. He stated that's why he has a beard.  He does speak some Arabic. What cult could this be?

Hi Steven,
There are many secret societies as well as public ones that hold several of these beliefs.

Many Masons and others believe that HaShem, the God of Torah, is only a a lesser reflection of the true God. They embrace what is called Deism, the belief that the Creator set everything in motion and then let us to our own devises. Many of Americas founding fathers were Deists.

The various Gnostic schools and most New Age sects believe we are only energy that temporarily takes on form as an illusion and that after death the illusion is abandoned. This is a common non-biblical belief.

Jews, Muslims, and most non-Christians (including me) do not believe that Jesus died for the sins of the world etc. According to the Gospel of Apostle Barnabas Jesus did not go to the stake. God changed the appearance of a Romans soldier and he was impaled. Jesus, according to this view, lived to old age. Many archeologists now believe that the physical remains of Jesus have been found. Consider my study on this here: http://allfaith.com/Jesus/remains.html

Many early Christians believed (and some still still do) that the wedding feast in Cana (where the water was turned into wine) was actually the weeding of Jesus and Mary Magdelline. Research works like Holy Blood - Holy Grail offer impressive support for this view.

As for Paul, he is probably almost as misunderstood as Yeshua/Jesus himself. When one reads Paul as do modern Christians he certainly looks like a fraud, BUT when one reads him as a first century Jew he seems quite credible to me. Most of those who reject Paul do so beause they claim to be seeking the restoration of the first century Way sect (that later became the Church) without correctly understanding what Paul, a devout Jew, himself purportedly write.

Torah commands Jewish men to have beards and peyos (side locks).

Arabic is the language of Islam (Arabia), not the first century Jews (Judah). Jesus and his followers probably spoke and read Hebrew for religious studies and prayers, and Aramaic for common speech. Paul and a few others may have spoke Koine Greek or at least learned it later on.

So, which ever group this person is involved with, it not Judaism, the religion of the Bible, not any form of traditional Christianity.   

I hope this has been helpful.
~ Shlomo,

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