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suzanne foster wrote at 2007-11-18 14:45:15
As along standing member of the Restored of YAHWEH I would like to respond to the attack made by my sister-in-law, Pat foster of the distrubing and slanderour allegetions posted on the web site October 25,2007 in the order that they were written.

The Restored Israel are a people devoted to their God always striving to handle matters in the most honorable why possible. In all the years of dealing with matters that arose in our society, problems were addressed with the utmost love and concern.

My daughter was diagnoised with bi-polar disorder. Pat alludes to these maladies as a result of being apart of our religious society when in fact millions of people world-wide suffer from these disorders.

As for the two young women pat cites, unfortunately, our group is not immune to family problems and the resulting emotional dilemma.  These families along with myself on many occasions were counseled on these issues.  When these problems were not dealt with properly we were advised to seek professional help.

My sister-in-law alludes that my daughter was "trying" to leave the group as if she was being held against her will. This is not the case.  No one is made to stay with the organization against there will.

We have always celebrated Birthdays.

How she can say "she believes" that most things are keep secret by are groups followers when she knows absolutely nothing about the organization nor has she questions me about anything concerning any matter.  This is malicious conjector on her part.

I would like to know how she could make the statement that I wouldn't help my daughter and son-in-law when in fact both of them lived with me for over a year and I continue to help them to this day.

My neice and I had a very loving relationship.  We shared may light hearted times together.  When she adked questions about our beliefs I responded to her questions with an age approiate answer.

The Restored Israel of YAHWEH wrote at 2007-11-19 00:18:03
We, members of The Restored Israel of YAHWEH, would like to respond to this libelous entry

on your site by Patricia Foster, which was deceitfully posed as a question.  This person gives the impression that she has first hand knowledge of The Restored Israel of YAHWEH when in reality she does not.  Her sister-in-law, with whom she has a troubled and combative relationship, is a long time member, but Patricia herself has never attended a religious service or had more than a passing meeting with any other members.  She does not want her name on the internet, but she does not hesitate to name The Restored Israel of YAHWEH in a such a cowardly way, with her insinuations and implied accusations.   We see this as misdirected anger toward a religious society in the form of lies and distortions, when in reality it is her personal grievance with a family member.  The niece she speaks of did go through a very troubled period, as many teenagers do, but has no hostility or ill will toward our religious society.  She made her own decision as an adult to go her own way, which is her right and which no one holds against her.  Patricia says that her niece was given zoloft, but according to her mother it was given her by Patricia herself, who obtained it from the doctor’s office where she worked.  We are not at all the secretive, hurtful group that she implies.  If you want to know the truth about The Restored Israel

of YAHWEH, visit our web site or attend a service at our meeting hall which is open to the


Jewgirl wrote at 2011-06-20 02:29:31
I am Donna Manning, who had an love affair with Leo J. Volpe from 1975 to 1979, when he said Yahweh told him he was to have two wives. He broke up my marriage and tried to bed other young female members. In April of 2000, coincidentally when he died, my husband and I reunited and are now finally happy and at peace. Volpe is, I'm sure, in hell, if there is such a place. I know more about that man than anyone ever did.

preacha D wrote at 2013-02-15 20:57:32
Donna Manning can you email me at preachad8@gmail.com and give me some more information on your claim about Leo. Thanks You

xxx wrote at 2013-05-29 04:16:11
Wow. My whole family was in this "group". They left years ago, thank God, because this is a CULT. They're all so much happier  

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