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Miscarriage/cycles after miscarriage


Shonaya wrote at 2015-01-27 13:00:29
Your first period after your miscarriage should occur four weeks after the hCG levels return to zero.


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Christine Taylor


I can answer questions relating to miscarriage, and missed miscarriages also the effects this has on the woman emotionally and physically. I can also any questions from men, from a womens perspective should he be confused to how his lady is feeling, I can not try to understand how miscarriage effects a males emotions.


I had a missed miscarriage, which was infact a molar pregnancy. I suffered the grief quite bad, and had no comfort in that I could not have prevented it. I have recently suffered another miscarriage, 4 years after having a healthy son and I have accepted this much better. I have a more positive way of thinking now, and it has helped me cope with my miscarriage much better, and I want to be able to try and help other ladies in the same situation.

I have first hand experience in this field, which sadly outways any qualifications. I do also have qualificatiosn in childcare, counselling and mentoring which help me to effectively communicate with people. I also volunteer in another section of this site, which I think has given me valuable experience in assessing questions and being able to give support and advice to readers.

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