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Im 20 and have been sleeping with a friend (26) for almost 5 months now we knew each other before but only recently started sleeping together (always used protection). last week I realized I was about 2 weeks past due. Last Wednesday night I started having unusual terrible cramps and around I am I realized I was bleeding thinking it was my period I got a tampon, anyway unbearable cramps all night and next morning, I noticed bleeding was not the way it normally is. around PM Thursdays aero I went to the toilet and after pulling out a tampon a clotty like tissue thing came out I then realised what was happening. the dr has confirmed I was pregnant and miscarried. My question is, do I tell him, so many things I have considered I dont want to but I know its the right thing to do. Guess I need a second opinion.

Dear Amy,

I'm sorry you had this experience. Your question is a good one and requires a lot of thought. The answer isn't a matter of "yes" or "no." There isn't a right or wrong thing to do here. I would ONLY tell him IF: (A)You see this as a long term relationship. (B)You have a deep emotional connection. (C)You are having sadness about the loss.

If you don't feel emotionally safe with him, I would consider sharing it only with people you feel safe with.

I hope this helps. Take care,



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