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Hi, I've recently been interested in degus, and I want to know some answers of degus before I get very interested in them. So here they are:
Do they smell?
Do they cuddle? (Meaning do they fall asleep on you or just play around you?)
What is the starting cost averagely?
How much do degus themselves cost?
Will they bond to me?
Thank you SO much, I know it's a lot of questions, sorry!
Thanks again,

Degus themselves don't smell bad, but their urine is very concentrated and can make the cage smell bad quickly if not cleaned frequently.

Some might nap on you, but they are not cuddlers like larger animals.  They are very curious and quite energetic; if you have them out you will most likely find them exploring and getting into all new things they can.

Starting costs can range from $60 on up not counting the animals.  You'll need a cage, water bottle, food, hay, litter, a dust bath and dust and a mesh wheel at the very least to get started.  

The animals themselves can be as inexpensive as $25 dollars for 2 up to as much as $60 for a pair.  You never want to buy just one degu.

They can bond to you, but not all animals will.  Just like people, they have unique personalities and some can be quite standoffish.  I've had others who put their babies in my hand so they can stay warm while mamma runs a while.  A lot depends on how much calm, focused time you can devote to them to get to know them.  The more you have, the more likely they will talk to you and respond to your voice.

Best wishes!

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I can answer questions about degu care and breeding.


I have bred degus with an emphasis on healthy, social pets.

Before obtaining our first pair of octodon degus, I did considerable research. These animals have more misinformation floating about than most pets, and care is easy once you sort fact from fiction.

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