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Hey carol!!! I recently bought two girl mice, a black/dark brown one (Starbucks) and a white with black/dark brown spots (Godiva). I really just wanted them because of their cool coloring compared to the other just plain white ones. But when i got them, they weren't really interested in me, like i would so the thing where you put the treat in your hand and have them come on to your hand to have them sniff you and whatever else, but Starbucks wouldn't even go on my hand, she would just wait for me to give up and leave the treat with her, and Godiva would come on to my hand and grab the treat slowly (which i was totally okay with, obviously i didn't expect her to warm up to me immediately), but then after she would see the treat she would nip my finger quickly, and then steal the treat and run off.. haha i mean, props to her for thinking she's being a little sneakster, but the nips hurt! I don't bleed when she bites me, but it has to stop! Funny story though, i thought i was going to have a happy couple year with my two lovely ladies, until i found out that Godiva was pregnant (she was apparently pregnant when i bought her, because i know that both of my mice are girls), and now i have like mouse kingdom! she gave birth to 11!!! but that was about 2 weeks ago, and we're down to 9 babies (I'm assuming that she knew that they were sickly or something, and she ate them, i know that they do that, and those were in the first couple days, so it's not like i had bonded with any of them yet). So then i just figured that she was biting at me because she was pregnant and she felt vulnerable, but it's still going on now! And I feel like it's gotten worse (still no blood, but it's happening more often)! I've tried a little nose tap and blowing a light puff of air on her face to show her that what she's doing isn't right, but still, nothing.
Then I also had a question about the babies, i don't know what the father looks like, but I assume he's plain white, just because that's what all of the other mice in the tank at the pet store looked like. And the babies were born pure pink with the dark eyes (opposed to the pink eyes) and i thought that a lot of them would be pure white, but that also, some of them would have cool spots like Godiva. But right now they're exactly 14 days old, and they have fur, the eyes are still closed, but they're brown.. I was really hoping that they'd be, for lack of a better word, prettier. Will they grow out of that hair? Beacause I've read so many differing opinions about it online, and i just want an actual answer. And i don't want to give the a babies to the pet store, because I don't want them to be used as food, but i just think that it would be so much easier to adopt them out to my friends if they were prettily colored.. But yeah, PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY MOUSE PROBLEMS. Hahah I'm kinda desperate..

You have a huge problem on your hands...the friendliness of your pets the least of them.  If the babies are not removed and properly separated by sex by 5 weeks old you run the risk of every female getting pregnant.  Imagine every female having 10-16 babies every MONTH.  If you plan to adopt them out to friends, you are going to have a huge you have 9 people who have a family willing to take in a mouse?  Not everyone has the same ideas on a good pet, or is able to care for one properly.  Coloring may or may not change, but "pretty" ones won't hide the smell or work that go with caring for mice.

As for taming your pets, as long as there is a hormonal imbalance #males around stimulating the hormones, pregnant or nursing--plus a bit more to let things settle# they will be less amicable.  But there is always the chance this is the personality they have.  Not all animals will be agreeable to being held.  You're doing things right, but that isn't always going to work.  I have several species where some #even from same litter, raising, etc.# animals are very social, others not so much.  

Best wishes, you've got your work cut out for you.

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