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Around 3 days ago I got two pet baby mice, and I've tried to do everything right. But one seems sick he is a male, I picked him up this afternoon and he felt very cold, when usually he is warmer then me. The other one seemed to me a bit sick as well but I just have him water and then he was all good. I do have a drink bottle thing on the cage for them to drink... However I don't know if they've been using it. He has been very stuff and cold. I read that I needed to keep them warm all night, so I'm trying to but I'm just not sure what I should feed him.. His regualar diet was, bird seeds, oatmeal, carrot, apple (didn't eat any apple), and dog biscuits. What do I feed him to help him survive?

His diet sounds good, but if the cage was in a cold or drafty area he may be sick. In the wild animals can chose where and how to live to support thermoregulation.  In captivity, we have to be mindful of that in choosing the type of cage, bedding and especially the age of animal. Young animals have a harder time regulating body temp on their own, and also have more vulnerable immune systems.
Make sure you give them fresh water every day,  keep the food fresh and the cage draft free with lots of fluffy bedding material. At this point I can't tell you for certain if he will pull through but at least you're doing all you can. Good luck!

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