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I always thought of doing missionary work but i don't now how to go about, and how will i know if its the Lord will to do it, i haven't studded in a career yet,so what do you suggest ?


I am glad to hear that you are considering a vocation in mission work.  Here are a couple of tips I would offer as you seek to discern if this is the path you should take:

1.  If you have the desire to become a missionary, there is no better place to start than where you are right now.  Do you have friends, family, co-workers, or friends who do not yet trust Jesus?  If so, begin with them.  Find opportunities in your daily life to discuss the message of Jesus with them.  Whether you can confidently convey the message of Jesus to people you already know will be a good guide as to whether you will be able to do so elsewhere.

2.  Seek the guidance of your own pastor.  As someone who knows you personally, he will be best equipped to help you discern what is the right path for you.  He will also be familiar with whatever structures for training and sending missionaries may exist within the wider church body to which you belong.

3.  Missionary work is really only telling other people about the message of Jesus.  You can do this within other careers or alongside of a secular vocation.  You can also do so as a full-time vocation by becoming a pastor.  Consider your situation, your talents, and your opportunities and discern what will be the best approach.  

I wish I could tell you more, but every man's situation is unique and only you can ultimately discern what is best.  Pray often, study the Scriptures faithfully, tell others about Jesus where and when you have opportunity, and the way you should go will become evident.  

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