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Dear Mrs. Priscilla Lyons,

I've always felt that I've been called into the mission field. I am a sophmore in high school currently and am writing a research paper on careers. Obviously, I've chosen to write about missionary work. However, as I am begin this paper, I've found it difficult to find specific information and facts about the career field. Would you know of any websites or even books that I could use as a reliable source of information? I'm looking for facts and statistics on the career itself (i.e. values needed, education needed, prerequisites, average salary, job description, specific focuses, college courses, etc.)Thank you! :)

Good to hear from you, Jasmine.  I’m thankful for your interest in being a missionary and pray that God will help you be an effective missionary on this most important field—your high school.  
   Since you are writing about a career, I’ll start by saying that salary is different than most careers.  Except for Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative paid missionaries, most missionaries are not paid a salary.  Most large churches and denominations have mission boards that require the missionaries they support to raise their own support (ask for donations/commitments to future support).  Often times small amounts from individuals and different churches or groups are bundled together to reach an amount specified by the mission board in order to have the board oversight when the missionary travels to another country, for example.  Some people save money from their secular jobs in order to travel and witness in a different area or different country.  
   Depending on the denomination or church involvement, the education requirements and prerequisites would differ.  Most would probably require college or seminary degrees from their own denomination.  There are several links at this page, http://sbc.net/missionswork.asp  
I did a search for “free Christian missions information” and saw several mission organizations that would have facts about their missionary requirements.
   Personally, I feel that when a person is paid to be a missionary, there is danger that the message becomes less “real.”  You and I are called to be missionaries as is every true believer.  Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8
   The value needed to be a true missionary is to belong to God totally (Rom. 6, I Corinthians 6:20) and reflect His glory, not our own. Matthew 5:16  To do that we must rely on Jesus’ payment for our sin, and rely on His perfect life and strength to conform to His image. Romans 12:1-3, Colossians 3:10, II Corinthians 3:18.
   The specific focus needed for a missionary, even for your research paper, is to reflect God’s Word to others, and to do that we need daily spiritual food of God’s Word, like we need daily physical food. John 6:63  Read the whole chapter of John 6 and see the emphasis on eating the Bread of Life.
   Keep up a good fellowship with other Christians, not only for mutual support and encouragement, but also for future financial support for missionary endeavors. :-)
   Have a wonderful day and a wonderful forever through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23  Our question to point others to Christ is:  “Is He your Lord?”  There is no better, no more loving Master to serve.

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