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Missionary Work/Should I go on a LDS mission?


So I'm lds (later day saint), Mormon, what ever you want to call it, I'm 15 and thinking about my future, and a while ago I realized that I'm gay, and please don't start lecturing me on this! But I've been thinking and would me going on a mission be bad?

How do your dad and mom feel about you going on a mission?  Actually, I think everyone is on a mission to make sense of this world.  Comparing all the different concepts of the how and why this world came about, and how I fit in, the Bible makes the most sense to me.

Maybe Iím just glad there is Someone smart enough to make everything, Who spells out His plan from the beginning (His story) to the end (prophecy) in the Bible.  One Who is powerful enough to provide and preserve the Bible for me when so many have tried to get rid of the Bible.

Iím sure you realize that homosexual behavior, as well as any sex outside of marriage, is a sin.  Do you realize that everyone sins, which separates us from our Creator? (Romans 3:23)  Our Creator became one of us to die and pay for our sins.  He came back to life and offers us His perfect life in exchange for our sinful life, if we trust Him enough to place our life in His hands.

Our life led by the One Who made usóthat is worth going on a mission to tell others!

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I have time for you. The Bible has been my guiding light for most of the 56 years of my life. My missionary parents in Brazil kindled a love for God`s Word by their example and their love for truth. The Lord has blessed my husband and me with responsible, independent children who love and serve the Lord and are our best friends. I would enjoy discussing any subject or problem from a Biblical perspective.

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