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Mitsubishi Repair/Automatic Transmission shifting problems


ron wrote at 2013-07-15 06:17:34
It seems we have the same problem. I have same unit, 1995 GLXi A/T. There is a transmission mechanic in Angeles, Pampanga and after several minutes of road tests, he concluded that the problem can be fixed (the problem is the gear is always on the 3rd). The transmission was opened and serviced and several O-rings were replaced. The computer box was also checked and repaired and restored to almost new condition. After almost 6 hours, the car is back to normal with full power especially at Gear 1. At 80kph up, RPM is stable at 2,000 and overdrive is working well at higher speed. total cost for the repair was P7K plus some extra for the gas and additional oil. If you are interested, Ican give you the contact number of the mechanic. anyway, Angeles is just an hour drive from Balintawak.

Agot wrote at 2015-11-14 14:12:13
Hi... I think your problem is the oil temperature sensor...that is why whenever you switch off your engine and on...the TCU is at monitoring stage...and after the TCU sense again that you may have an open connection on your temp will back again to lock on 3 rd gear.

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I have done a lot of work on older Mitsubishi's. Whatever has gone on with someone's car has I am sure happen to the one I work on. A lot of things, though might be the computer it could be a sensor too. Whatever I am not sure of, I will then hunt up the question useing the net. Don't know much about body work or painting a car.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse I work on has over 167,000 miles on it. If it could go wrong it has. I have learned a lot from working on the car, reading books and asking people who work on other cars.

Church, I am a Christian.

Have some college course on engines, working on them and keeping them repaired. Read a lot of books and try to stay ahead of things.

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