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Mitsubishi Repair/Mitsubishi passes emissions but fails smog because it monitors can't reset the sensors


Eagle Girl wrote at 2014-10-16 21:26:24
I realize ?2009-now its 2014 but my info can be helpful too. I had same situation. Eagle Summit96 (Mitsubishi engine). Passed except sensors not reset. My situation, my battery was weak and I replaced it. Sensors would only reset after driving 80miles without turning engine off. Wouldnt reset otherwise. Anytime weak battery or alternator issues, it wont pass in regards to the sensors. Thank goodness it passed after leaving engine on. Older Mitsubishi engines also take longer to reset. Mine starts reseting allover again when starting it up next day, why it does this, just dont know. Anyhow, driving it 80 miles without turning off seemed to reset all ten sensors. Whew! I was a lucky one. Hope this helps someone else out. Good Luck to all.  

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I have done a lot of work on older Mitsubishi's. Whatever has gone on with someone's car has I am sure happen to the one I work on. A lot of things, though might be the computer it could be a sensor too. Whatever I am not sure of, I will then hunt up the question useing the net. Don't know much about body work or painting a car.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse I work on has over 167,000 miles on it. If it could go wrong it has. I have learned a lot from working on the car, reading books and asking people who work on other cars.

Church, I am a Christian.

Have some college course on engines, working on them and keeping them repaired. Read a lot of books and try to stay ahead of things.

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