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I own a 2000 eclipse gs, I travel about 50 miles a day 5 days a week too and from work, on my way home from work recently I suddenly turned my stereo down and heard this squeeking noise coming from my wheel on the front passenger side...and when I hit the brake it gets worse...its almost like a screeching noise in some cases...theres no binding or pulling to that side...I cam even tell when im driving until I turndown th stereo...but its a loud sound and it cant be good...I havnt had the chance to take off the tire and look closer but I know if I push down on that corner of the car hard eenough hear the same type od squeeking noise from behind the tire...what could this be?

Hi Joseph,
This sounds like your brake pads my been worn down to the point that "wear indicators" are making contact with the brake rotor.  The wear indicators are simply metal tabs that stick out from the brake pad.  As the pad material gets thinner and thinner as it get used, the wear indicator tab get closer and closer to the brake rotor.  Once enough pad material is has been worn away, the indicator will make contact with the rotor and make a squealing noise.  

Check your pads and rotors first.  Ensure that the brake calipers are also working properly, as they can tend to get get stuck at times can could contribute to your problem.  If your brakes are ok, then other suspension and steering components should be inspected; such as the tie rods, ball joints, sway bar links, and even the shocks and springs.  
Good luck!

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