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Mitsubishi Repair/GDI fuel pump issue


Marcus wrote at 2008-01-15 19:23:58
It sounds like there is a problem with the fuel distributor which builds up the fuel pressure. It is mounted on the side of the engine and should be removed and washed thouraghly in clean petrol then blown out with compressed air. The fuel pressue can be increased using a torx spanner. Hope this helps, dont try it yourself but have it checked by a workshop who specilize in GDI systems.

Patrick wrote at 2008-06-07 18:08:06
Hi my friend, i have a MMC GALANT gdi for three years now, and is the third high pressure fuel pump that i am replacing to the car. The symptoms your car has are exactly the same like mine. The last pump i bought it new from the dealership and lasted almost a year. Because i am fed up, i will sell the car immediately.

Good luck with the car

Rishil wrote at 2008-12-20 09:39:54
I had the same problem...i simply opened the back seat, removed 4 screws and replaced the fuel pump with a brand new one that is located in the fuel tank...

the car is fine....


Prakash Akkal wrote at 2009-01-08 15:03:30
dear Leslie,

I'm pretty much common with this problem. I hope that the dealer had put a scan on it to see the problem, because if its really the GDI pomp it should set a low fuel pressure code. this vehicle also has an electronic throttle an i think that that was the problem(shifting) at first. so there must be another code set for the aps sensor. so let someone first check for fault codes and then you know where to begin

HS wrote at 2009-03-15 07:32:28

I have GDI Pajero V75. I got got the same problem that was described before you to the car to the mechanic. My problem was the fuel pump in the engine block. The second pump which is in the tank was ok but I decided to replace that too. I'm still waiting for the car to come back from the garage. Basically from what I gather this problem is caused by two things. Can staying in one place for a long time line in a dealership or shipping. Or use of not so high octane fuel. Most used Pajeros coming from Japan apparently need these pumps changed. Hope this helps.

Canvalex wrote at 2009-11-07 02:21:15
Canvalex here,

Ihave the self same problem, the issue is with the high pressure fuel pump on the engine it's apparently clogged, I believe it is serviceable, a matter of blowing it out but you will need to have this done buy a reliable mechanic this may also involve blowing out the entire fuel line to ensure that there is no blockage from the tank.... Hopethis helps as this   part is expensive in the real world

BoogWar wrote at 2009-12-04 03:24:55
Any engine with GDI system is basically a diesel engine that runs on gas - fuel is sprayed directly inside the combustion chamber, not into the manifold. The intank pump that you mentioned does nothing more than feed the metering pump on the engine, which provides the pressure needed - many thousands of pounds per square inch - to overcome combustion forces. Its a complex system, but it works well. Its very efficient, and made manufacturers sit up and take notice. Your problem though, initially probably had nothing to do with this system. Some of these GDI equipped cars come with a special transission known as a Continuously Variable Transmission - CVT. The CVT does not have a gear change that you can feel; it has an infinate amount of ratios that a computer selects depending on engine load and throttle position. If you floor the throttle on a normally operating unit, it would behave precisely as you described. Another scenario is that you have a slipping automatic (conventional) tranny, or one with a poorly adjusted kickdown cable, or faulty valve body. In any case all this is moot - your car is undriveable now. If the gear selector neutral light is flashing, then a code has been set by the transmission computer and will require expert attention. The check engine light should also be glowing - you did say the car was undriveable. Take it to an ASE certified tech - he should be able to figure it out. The GDI was also never for export from Japan - I'm betting that you have a right hand drive car. If you feed this car the wrong fuel as well, it will go south VERY quickly - it is one of the few engines that have stratospheric compression ratios for a factory engine - as much as 12:1 static. That's why it is so efficient. Get an expert to look at it.

zag wrote at 2010-01-23 00:25:41
Hi, Im new here. This problem does not sound like the transmission is faulty. It looks very much like the high pressure pump or some other fuel related problem. Maybe the mechanic tried to clean the pump but only managed to get it worse. If the pump does not deliver the correct fuel pressure the engine will not go up to the proper revs and the tranny will not change gears. Also,sometimes the ECU does not show codes for that problem. I dont know why. Hope this helps.

luke wrote at 2010-05-05 20:29:47
Linda, what a load of nonsense you have just said. These GDI's have a history of blocked micro fuel filters and high pressure pump failures/problems

Listen mate . Go to the Pajero owners club on the net and check out the petrol models section. Also go to a Mitsubishi dealership and have a straight talk with them..   All Experts site is full of it !!! I don't know how these sites get away with this bulsh*t

fc wrote at 2012-04-19 10:48:44
I work in Mitsubishi Dealership. I am familiar with GDI problems on these cars.

Please contact me for detailed advice.

+260 966 711 900

YK LAU wrote at 2014-05-08 09:26:10
if possible use a scanner to check the fuel pressure , normally it may build up to 4.8 MPA .

YK LAU wrote at 2014-05-13 02:01:47
WHILE THE CAN SEND , its can't rise up, may till 2000 RPM then slow down and dead .As the time find from scanner its idling pressure may 4.8 MPA and lower , after acc. pedal  press , pressure will lower down to almost 0 MPA then the engine RPM going slow down then dead.

After high pressure pump (MD367152) replace , idling pressure 4.8 to 5.2 MPA , even acc pedal press , pressure will rise up or stable , its not lower down the pressure . Recommend fuel filter has to change too.

Now the car run well.

evans kilaha wrote at 2014-11-09 18:29:13
Check confirm that fuel delivery pipes are. Not kinked

Evans Kilaha  

mako wrote at 2015-02-15 15:34:38
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mako wrote at 2015-02-15 15:34:46
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mako wrote at 2015-02-15 15:34:50
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